TOKYO20XX is a consumer insights specialism that dives into the city at street-level to look at the creators shaping culture at its formative level, as well as the brands that are catalyzing these spaces.
Concept & Design: David Gogh
Development: Lisa-Ann Bruney

WIP: Nuoy

Coming Soon

WIP: Ad:Larm

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窓戶 III

62" * 62" Pine

Square Design.

Southwest Airlines Social

Creative Director: Shane Bzdok
Concept: David Gogh

Cannes 2015: Spotify for Brands

Art Direction: Thomas Dudon
Design & Production: David Gogh

Acura RDX Redesign

Art Direction: Diego Aguilar
Design: David Gogh

Chase Commercial

Art Direction: Toby Magrath
Design & Production: David Gogh


Play Pixactly

Pixactly is a web-based pixel game to test how pixel perfectly trained your eyes are. Although the main target audiences were Web Designeres and Developers, the game became popular throughout anyone who work in the digital industry.
Concept & Design: David Gogh
Development: Dan Gintis
Exposure: Twitter, Google, Gizmodo, Boing Boing


Art Direction: David Trumpf
Design & Production: David Gogh


Art Direction: Shawn Dos Santos
Design: David Gogh

窓戶 II

38" * 61" Pine

Inspired by the traditional Korean window art (창호). This is the 2nd window art piece with a more complex grid in a larger golden ratio format. More than 356 halved joint slots have been hand-sawed. The wood has been gel-stained and polished with wood wax.

窓戶 I

25.5" * 38.5" Poplar & Oak

Inspired by the traditional Korean window art (창호). This form of art caught my attention as I'm a big fan of woodworking and grid. Each halved joint slots were chiseled out and the inner lengths of the frame are based on the Golden Ratio.

How late am I?

A simple web-based tool for anyone that feels they are too late to make their dreams come true. The user's age is diplayed on a 24 hour clock based in the life of 100 years. I had originally set the life span at 80 which was an appromixate life expectancy but there had been "complaints" from the users over 80 years old therefore it was extended to 100 years.


This collection consists of 1362 soda can tips that I've hand picked. Vertical tips are placed on every 100th one. These are all collected by me from 1998 (I was 14) until 2008. A friend of mine told me in junior high school that if I gathered 1000 of these tips and take them to any large hospitals, they would expense $400-450 for the tips because apparently these aluminum tips were used for manufacturing wheelchairs. So I started to collect them. I thought it would take a little less than a year but instead it ended up taking 9 years to reach 1362 and I just decided to stop. Collecting the tips had become a habit of mine which felt "over-extending". However, I decided not to cash it because I realized that the experience, time and effort spent on this collection weighed more than $400 to me. The intrinsic value had changed.

Mean Cloud

Die Illustration "Mean Cloud" ist ein Versuch, die Dusterkeit des Lebens einzufangen, inspiriert durch die oft sehr regnerischen Herbst- und Wintermonate des deutschen Nordens. In dieser Zeit ist man, wie in emotional schwierigen Lebensabschnitten, meist deprimiert und fuhlt sich von Hoffnung verlassen. Es ist ein gewisses Selbstmitleid in der Mimik der Wolke zu erkennen, dies soll die selbstzerstorerische Natur der Gleichgultigkeit vermitteln. Die weichen Formen signifizieren die Endlosigkeit, das Gefuhl, dass schlechte Zeiten kein Ende nehmen, sondern ein Ende gegeben werden mussen.Die Regentropfen verkorpern das unumgehbare Leid, dass wir in Form von Tranen von uns geben mussen um zur Wirklichkeit zuruckzukehren. Der Blitz ist genauso ein offensichtlicher Teil eines Unwetters, wie wahlose Wut ein offensichtlicher Teil von Unzufriedenheit ist, beschreibend dafur, dass sie jeden treffen und bose verletzen kann.
Inspiration by Sebastian Mehrstedt

Tin Can Phone Booth Project

These tin can phone booths were hand-built and installed at two spots where students often took breaks at my college. This specific target location had a ravine in between and the tin cans had a fishline attached for communication. My digital hipsterism kicked in before I worked on this though.

Norden Cafe & Bakery

Identity & Packaging design project for a Swedish bakery. The letterpress technique was used for a personal and friendlier stimuli. Three crowns represent Sweden and I initially experimented with a baker's hat as the fourth element. The look of a baker's hat however was no different than a chef's hat so it wasn't an ideal representation for a bakery and therefore a pretzel shape was used. The bread wrap is a hygienic cloth used to wrap the bread as a packaging material.

Levitating Hawk

Balsa & Masonite

Everyone in my class was appointed with a random animal to visually represent in any form. I was given a hawk and my impressions of a hawk were its aerodynamic shape and the ability to glide. Two round magnets were used to make the sculpture float. One in the base and the other in the sculpture with the help of fishlines to stay in place.


An awareness campaign to inform the danger behind texting while driving. The number combination spells out "intextication_kills" with a keypad on pre-smart phone devices. I've pasted a print over a key fob reader that reads "Will you text while driving?" at a parking lot exit. When a driver swipes his/her key fob on the reader, an LED next to "No" lights up so that the swiping becomes like a gesture of promise. A double-sided poster was also created with statistics of text-behind-wheel related accidents.

Omedelbar men Gradvis

Nikon FE2

Paper Canvas

Undo free graphic work

David Gogh


David currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan as a Design Director at MullenLowe Group Japan.